Special Issue

                            National University of Modern Languages (NUML) 18 May 2022

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Sr # Upcoming Articles
1 Muhammad Waqas Arshad and Syed Fahad Tahir. "Sales Prediction of Cardiac Products by Time Series and Deep Learning"
2 Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Sardaraz and Usman Aziz. "Critical Review of Blockchain Consensus Algorithms: challenges and opportunities"
3 Sabina Irum, Jamal Nasir and Zakia Jalil." ‘What have you read?’ based Multi-Document Summarization"
4 Mahira Najeeb, Dr. Adnan Fazil and Dr. Ammar Masood. "Quantum Key Distribution Protocols for Secure Communication"
5 Adeel Ahmed Abro, Sheher Bano, Umbreen Tariq and Syed Irtiza Ali Shah. "Sun Tracking and Control design for PV solar energy system"
6 Zohaib Hassan, Syed Irtiza Ali Shah and Ahsan Sarwar Rana. "Drone charging stations distribution optimization for disaster prone areas"
7 Ghulam Mustafa and Fiaz Ahmad."Review on Performance Analysis of Three Control Techniques for Buck Converter feeding a Resistive Load"
8 Maira Zulfiqar, Huma Hayat Khan and Noman Malik. "A Comparative Study of the Microtasking Platforms"
9 Muhammad Talha, Sajjad A. Ghauri, Sheraz Alam, Mubashar Sarfraz, Shahid Basir and M. Farhan Sohail. "Voting based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Modulation Classification"
10 Usama Zafar, Farman Hassan, Abdul Wahab, Hamza Mehmood and Ali Javed. "Voice operated fall detection system using Std-LTP and SVM"
11 Muhammad Shahzad Bajwa and Muhammad Usman Keerio. "Optimal Selection of Reactive Power For Single Tuned Passive Filter Based on Curve Fitting Technique"
12 Farman Hassan, Muhammad Hamza Mehmood, Auliya Ur Rahman and Wasiat Khan. "Deep Learning Approach to Detect Bacterial and Viral Pneumonia Patients"
13 Faraz Bashir and Farrukh Zeeshan Khan. "Analysis of Job Failure Prediction in a Cloud Environment by applying Machine Learning Techniques"
14 Muhammad Sufyan Arshad, Ijlal Hussain, Abdur Rahman Maud and Moazzam Maqsood. "IMU Aided GPS Based Navigation of Ackermann Steered Rover"
15 Muzammil Majeed, Rashid Amin, Farrukh Khan and Adeel Ahmed. "Reliability Awareness Multiple Path Installation in Software Defined Networking using Machine Learning"
16 Muhammad Adeel Abbas and Zeshan Iqbal. "Double Auction used Artificial Neural Network in Cloud Computing"
17 Amna Sajid, Naveed Ahmad and Basit Shahzad. "Usability Evaluation of Facebook and Instagram by Visually Impaired People"