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This convulsion brought a havoc in the inaccessible and remote regions and victimized nearly 810 families. This tremor destroyed the non-engineered human structure within 100 km of the earthquake which caused tremendous loss of human lives. In this paper Digital elevation model (DEM) was utilized to study active deformation and mapped the isobase, relative relief, drainag density incision and vertical dissections which indicates that Awaran Fault sinisterly active in NNE-SSW direction and the deformations were highlighted. The high value of drainage density was observed on northern east and in the central region of southern west region of Awaran district. The drainage density is elevated by accelerated erosion in surrounding region. DEM and remote sensing tools proved efficient to study the region efficiently.</p> <p><a href="">Full Text</a></p> Abdul Baqi Copyright (c) 2021 50Sea 2021-11-28 2021-11-28 3 3 116 125 Degradation of Bioplastics under the Influence of Several Environmental conditions <p>The increasing threats of plastics to the natural environment encouraged the production of bio-plastics from renewable biomass resources. The premium quality of bio-plastics are mainly produced by treating starch with glycerol. Plastics are basically non-biodegradable synthetic or semi synthetic products. This study aims at analyzing the degradation patterns of bio-plastics. The bio-plastics are ecologically less toxic than the synthetic plastic materials. The bio-plastics can degrade in several environmental conditions including aquatic environment, compost and soil. The bioplastic materials are buried in composite soil or loam sand to analyze degradation activity by taking photographic data and measuring the weight. Effect of weather conditions on the degradation activity was analyzed by recording different weather conditions including temperature, humidity, rainfall sunshine intensity and duration of sunlight. The comparative results portrayed the degradation activity of bio-plastics which was accomplished through hydrophilic enzymes. The initial regenerating material absorbs moisture of soil after saturation and the weight was increased up to 87%. The weight of bio-plastics reduced steadily after the initiation of decomposition. Invasion of soil microorganisms enhance the degradation activity. The environmental features including rainfall, humidity and sunlight intensity also affects the disintegration of bioplastics. The increased intensity of sunshine increased the microbial activity of soil which in turn increased the rate of degradation of bio-plastics.</p> <p><a href="">Full Text</a></p> Muhammad Rizwan Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Innovations in Science & Technology 2021-07-08 2021-07-08 3 3 93 101 A Study of Awareness and Practices in Pakistan’s Software Industry towards DevOps Readiness <p>There are regular conflicts between the traditionally divided software organization i.e. dev and ops teams during the software development process for delivering the software to the end-user. DevOps overcome these conflicts by automating the processes between the development and operations team in such a way that they can build, test, and release the software successfully and efficiently to the end-user. Globally, more and more organizations are adopting DevOps. As Pakistan’s software industry is progressively growing while DevOps is a relatively new concept, there is a need for DevOps awareness and understanding towards its adoption and practices. This paper evaluated DevOps awareness and identified the practices adopted in Pakistan’s software organizations and suggested generic guidelines for DevOps transition. A questionnaire-based survey is conducted to collect data and various DevOps sub-activities being practiced. The survey analysis and results depicted that Pakistan’s Software Industry is making efforts towards the adoption of DevOps but due to lack of its awareness, most of the DevOps practices are not fully adopted yet. According to the DevOps evolution model, only one-eighth of Pakistan’s software organizations are at the self-service stage, while the rest of them are still struggling at the normalization and standardization stage.</p> <p><strong>Keywords: </strong>DevOps; development and IT operations; agile; continuous integration and continuous deployment.</p> <p><a href="">Full Text</a></p> Khadija Saleem Muhammad Sohail Khan Copyright (c) 2021 50Sea 2021-11-19 2021-11-19 3 3 102 115