Reviewer Panel

Name Interest Picture
Dr. Asma Ashraf Immunology microbiolgy  
Dr Saira Bibi Polymer based materials, agrochemical drug dilivery  
Dr. Farhan Saeed Agricultural Sciences  
Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Agriculture, Environmental Science  
Dr. Saira bioinformatics ,zoology, botany, fisries,wildlife  
Dr Irem Sultana Development & Communication  
Dr. Muhammad Samee Mubarik Fisheries  
Dr. Muhammad Sohail Amjad Makhdum Agriculture, Environment, Empowerment, Welfare  
Prof. Dr. Naqib Ullah Khan Agriculture and Botany  
Dr. Abid Ullah
Molecular biology, stress physiology, Plant microbe interactions, Breeding and genetics
Dr. Umar Hayat Agriculture economics  
Dr. Afsheen Maryam
Toxicology, climate change, geochemistry, environmental science, EIA/IEE
Dr. Ayesha Hanif sustainable development  
Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan Weeds, Allelopathy, Botany, agriculture, agronomy  
Dr. MUHAMMAD BILAL CHATTHA Agronomy/Crop Production  
Dr. Abdul Rehman Niazi Funga Biodiversity & Systematics.Mycology, Mushrooms  
Dr. Muhammad Shafiq Agriculture and Plant Biotechnology  
Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
gender, adolescents, mental health, education, human rights, urbanism.
Dr.Sohail Jan Agriculture Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology;  
Dr. Shehla Gul
Land use, Sustainable Development, GIS and Remote Sensing, Water, Irrigation, Food Security
Dr. Iftikhar Hussain Adil
Statistics, Mathematics, Econometrics, Quantitative Methodology
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif
Sustainable Agriculture, Plant Pathology, Virology, molecular virus research, Virus-free seed production
Dr. Muhammad Nasir Subhani Plant Pathology  
Dr. Muhammad Ali Inam
Heavy metals and their removal; nanoparticles removal; water and wastewater treatment; aquatic contamination; adsorption; coagulation
Dr. Muhammad Tayyab
Soil plant-microbe interaction, soil microbial diversity, soil fertility, and plant physiology, etc.
Dr. Assar Ali Shah Agricultural and Animal Science  
Dr. Khalid Usman Conservation Agronomy, suatainable agriculture  
Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Asghar
Sustainable Agriculture Farming, Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Biochemistry
Dr. Kebebew Assefa Abebe Plant Breeding and Genetics  
Dr. Atef Mohamed Nassar Plant Protection and Pesticides  
Dr Niamat Ullah Khan Cotton/agriculture  
Dr. Malik Muhammad Shafi Development  
Dr. Muraleedhar Aski Genetics and plant breeding , Pulses,  
Dr.malak Atiq Ullah Khan Plant breeding and Genetics  
Dr. Hayat Badshah Entomology, Biocontrol, IPM  
Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Saleem Entomology/Pesticide Toxicology/Ecology  
Dr. Abdur Rahman animal production sciences  
Dr. Sajad Hussain Agriculture/plant physiology  
Dr. Regine Mankolo Soil and Environmental Science  
Dr. Abdur Rehman
Agricultural Economics and Management and Agricultural Risk Management
Dr. Mohammad Akmal Crop production  
Dr. Murad Khan
applied economics, agriculture economics, value chain and supply chain, cross sectional analysis etc
Dr. Sajad Hussain Agriculture/plant sciences  
Dr. Abid Ullah
plant physiology, biotechnology, abiotic stresses, heavy metals, plant microbe interactions, biochemistry
Dr. Arshad Ali Development Economics  
Dr. Uzma Jafar Management science  
Agriculture, Stress Biology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Pollution
Dr. Abdul Rehman Microbiology/Cell biology/Biochemistry  
Dr. Vanya Gerasimova
Polyphenols, natural compound extraction, indetification .Hplc ,GC, antioxidant capacity, wild plants, extraction optimization, total polyphenol content.
Dr. Uzma Qaisar Molecular Biology and Biotechnology  
Dr. Muhammad Sufaid Khan Chemistry  
Dr Samreen Riaz Agricultural sciences  
Dr. Philippa C Ojimelukwe
Food Science and Technology; Food Science and nutrition; Food fermentation:
Dr. Latifa Hamoudi Agriculture, applied sciences, bioremediation  
Dr. Misbah Agriculture❨Entomology❩  
Dr. Reinhard Neugschwandtner agronomy, plant nutrition, soil science  
Dr. Iqbal Hussain Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Molecular Biology  
Dr. Mahood UR Rahman Ansari Plant Biotechnology, Agriculture  
Dr. Ishrat Naz Plant Pathology  
Dr. Surendran Udayar Pillai Agriculture, Water Management, Environment  
Dr. Javaid Hassan sheikh Agriculture, biodiversity, Animals, Ecology, Parasitology  
Dr. Sahar Javaid
English Language and Literature, Development and Sociology, Arts and Humanities
Dr. Sher Ali
Development Economics: International trade and finance, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Health economics
Dr. Iftikhar Hussain Adil Statistics, Applied Econometrics  
Dr. Likeng Li Ngue Benoît Constant Biotechnoloy, genetic and plant improvement  
Dr. Azizullah Biology and Genetics  
Dr. Mote Kishor Jalindar Irrigation and Weed management  
Dr. Abiodun Daniel Olabode
Soil, crop, environment, geography, climate change and GIS applications
Dr. Muhammad Hanif agriculture, sustainability  
Dr. Shumaila Kiran Chemistry  
Dr. Nusrat Parveen Plant Physiology and biotechnology  
Dr. Emadelden Maher Mohamed Hafez Agronomy, Plant production and physiology and Abiotic stresses  
Dr. Fazlul Haq
Geography; natural resource management; agricultural transformation; irrigation; climate change; hazards and disasters
Dr. M. Amjed Iqbal
Climate change, Risk Perception, Risk Management, Poverty, Sustainable Agriculture
Dr. Shagufta Kamal Bioremediation, Nanotechnology, Enzyme Biotechnology  
Dr. Muhammad Hussnain Siddique
Nanobiotechnology, Molecular biology, Microbial and enzymatic engineering, Microbial biotechnology
Dr. Muhammad Faiq
Food Science and Technology, Food Enzymology, Plant phenolic and bioactive compounds
Dr Muhammad Shakir
Remote Sensing, GIS, Sustainable Agricultue, Crop Monitoring, Climate Change
Dr. Niaz Ali
Plant biodiversity, sustainable utilisation of natural resources, crop improvement, Cytogenetics, molecular mapping
Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Asghar
Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Uzma Qaisar Plant biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics  
Dr. Ch Arslan Agricultural, Energy and Env. Engineering  
Dr. Umar Hayat Applied Economics  
Dr. Muhammad Hanif agriculture, Food, Renewable Energy  
Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Ecology, Heavy metals pollution, Bioremediation  
Dr. Abdur Rehman Agricultural Economics  
Dr.Saeed Ahmad Qaisrani Agriculture  
Dr Anwar Hussain
Agriculture economics, environmental economics, energy economics
Dr. Muhammad Siddique Management, Marketing, Leadership Studies, Public Policy.  
Prof. Dr. Tanveer Fatima Horticulture  
Dr Samreen Riaz agriculture  
Dr. Ilham Barakat
Agronomy, plant biology, plant protection, plant biotechnology, biocontrol
Dr. Asad Ullah
Agriculture, Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Development
Dr. Sohail Ahmad Jan
Biotechnology, Agriculture Biotechnology, Abiotic stresses, Gene transformation, Tissue culture etc.
Dr. Ilyas Sharif
Qualitative Research, Grounded Theory, Qualitative Data Analysis, Management Science, Islamic Economics and Finance,
Dr. Ahmed Asaad Zaeen Environment, Agriculture, Soil Physics, Soil and Water Conservation, Soil Erosion, Agrometeorology, Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Soil, Remote Sensing and GIS, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Leaf Area Analysis, Geo statistics, Plants, Environmental Impact Assessment.
Dr. Chalachew Mulatu Agriculture, Hydrology and watershed management  
Dr. Samuel C. Chukwu
Agronomy, Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Genetics, Genomics, Food Nutritional Quality, Biotechnology and Biometrics/Biostatistics
Dr. Rifat Ullah Khan Animal Science  
Dr. Yousif Zainel Abdeen grassland and forage science  
Dr. Sajjad Hussain Remote sensing, Agriculture and Environmental science  
Dr. Omer Suha Uslu
Field crops, Seed germination, Heavy metal toxicity, Range and pasture management etc.
Dr. Hussan Ara Begum medicinal plants/ ethnobotany  
Education, Science & Technology, Engineering, Arts & Society, Business, Agriculture & Agri-Business
Dr. Imran Shaukat Agriculture, Hydrology  
Dr. Dawit F Weldeareagay Agriculture  
Dr. Biswajit Pramanick Agronomy, Soil Science  
Dr. Rahim Khan Food Mycology, Food Microbiology, Genetics, Food Science  
Dr. NADIA BIBI Environmental Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bioremediation  
Dr. Omer Dad Fisheries  
Dr. Mwadzingeni Liboster Agriculture Economics  
Dr. Nawab Khan
Agricultural, Economics, Sustainability, Extension, Rural Development
Dr. Nazir Muhammad Abdullahi Agricultural Economics  
Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq
Agronomy, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Nutrient Management, Weed Management, water saving irrigation
Dr. Chalachew Abebe Mulatu
Water Resourecs Engineering, sediment transport, River morphology, surface hydrology
Dr. Fiza Pir Dad agriculture, environmental science  
Dr. Rogert Sorí Drought, river basins, climate, climate change  
Dr. Kazi Khayrul Bashar
Plant characterization, hybridization, molecular biology, agronomy
Dr. Tamer Gamal Ibrahim Mansour Agricultural Extension , Rural Development  
Dr. Rohat Gültekin
water management, irrigation, crop-water relationship, greenhouse gas emissons
Dr. Mario Economics  
Dr. Rohmatul Fajriyah
Statistics, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Genomics, Transcriptomics, Machine Learning, Data Mining
Dr. Anam Shehzadi Agricultural Economics, Development Economics  
Dr. Usman Ali Plant Physiology, Agriculture, Plant Biodiversity  
Dr. Abdul Majeed Nadeem Agriculture, Environmental & Resource Economics  
Dr. Ahmed Asaad Zaeen Environment, Agriculture, Soil Physics, Soil and Water Conservation, Soil Erosion, Agrometeorology, Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Soil, Remote Sensing and GIS, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Leaf Area Analysis, Geo statistics, Plants, Environmental Impact Assessment.