About the Journal

Magna Carta: Contemporary Social Science ISSN P (2958-2512) ISSN E (3006-3140) is being published at Lahore Punjab Pakistan which stands as a beacon for scholarly inquiry into the multifaceted dimensions of human societies. With an unwavering commitment to fostering intellectual exploration, the journal serves as a dynamic platform for researchers, academics, and practitioners to delve into the intricacies of social phenomena. Our mission is to facilitate a rich tapestry of interdisciplinary discussions that transcend traditional boundaries, offering a space for critical analyses, diverse perspectives, and innovative insights. From examining the nuances of cultural dynamics to scrutinising global socio-political trends, the journal embraces a wide-ranging scope. We aspire not only to contribute to the existing body of knowledge but also to inspire dialogue that shapes the future trajectory of social science research. As advocates for inclusive, diversity, and rigorous scholarship, the Journal of Social Science invites contributors to join us in the collective endeavour of unravelling the complexities that define and connect human societies across the globe.

  • Rapid Publication:¬†manuscripts are transparently reviewed by international and local reviewers and the first decision is provided to authors within 10-15 Days.¬†
  • Recognition of Reviewers:¬†Reviewers providing timely decisions, thorough peer-review reports are acknowledged with Certificates and Stipend