Aims and Scopes

The editorial board of this journal is comprised of experts in various fields with diverse expertise due to utalization of computer-based algorithms by every field of life. We encourage researchers to share their findings in the domain of Computer Science, Data Science, GIS, Remote Sensing, Geography, Satellie Image Processing, Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR), Optical Remote Sensing, Computational Physics, Geoinformatics, Robotics, Big data analysis, Software Engineering, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Programming, Signal Processing and modelling, Computational Mathematics, Simulation and Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, MATLAB, Networking, Neural Networks, Data Science, KNN, Disaster Management and Modelling, Environmental Models, Sustainable Development Models, Remotely Sensed Structures their Models, Water Resource Modelling, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Analysis, Transport Planning and Modeling, Geomatics, Computer Based Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow Models and Software Defined Radio, EMI, RF Circuit Simulation Models and other works with computer based algorithms.