Computer Malware Classification, Factors, and Detection Techniques: A Systematic Literature Review (SLR)


  • Asad Hussain University of Science and Technology, Bannu, Pakistan.
  • Sunila Fatima Ahmad University of Sargodha, Sub-Campus, Bhakkar, Pakistan
  • Mishal Tanveer University of Sargodha, Sub-Campus, Bhakkar, Pakistan
  • Ansa Sameen Iqbal University of Sargodha, Sub-Campus, Bhakkar, Pakistan


Malware Classification, Malicious Software Factors, Malware Detection technique, Malicious Infection


A Systematic Literature Review (SLR) was conducted using tailored searches based on our study topic. We completed all SLR processes, including periodic reviews as SLR. Researchers may find out about the justification, the review procedure, and the research question by using search keywords. This paper describes the trial approach to elaborate the search keywords, resources, restrictions, and validations that were, and explores search strategies made. The reviews are carried out by assessing the publication's quality, devising a data extraction approach, and synthesizing the results. All four research questions were used to analyze the papers concerning the findings.  Finally, reports on the categorization of computer malware were analyzed for their detection methods, factors, and how they infiltrate computer systems have been published. SLR identifies the element, characteristics, and detection techniques that are explained in this research paper. Computer malware infects the computer system. This comprehensive literature review's is mainly based on recommendations by earlier studies.


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