General Procedures regardarding allegations of misconduct, appeal/complaint process & conflict of interest

The Journal follows COPE Guidelines for handeling any misconduct.

For complaints and queries email us at:

Allegations of misconduct

  1. Any complaint regarding Research misconduct shall be reported to complain box of IJIST.
  2. The complainant’s personal information i.e, name and email may remain confidential if desired.
  3. An editor will decide whether the allegation falls under the misconduct or not and shall ensure further inquiry.
  4. Editor will pursue the complaint after identification of misconduct through the provided evidence.
  5. Each complaint shall be handled according to Journal policy adapted from COPE Guidelines
  6. A member of the editorial board shall be designated for the compilation of records during inquiry.
  7. Editorial board shall decide after thorough contemplation the action taken for a false complaint and further processing of a true complaint following COPE guidelines.
  8. An editor will receive the final Investigatory Report including the following information:
  • The name, designation, and email address of Complainant.
  • The name, designation and email address of Respondents.
  • Description of each allegation of research misconduct.
  • Steps taken for inquiring about the allegation.
  • Summary and evidence of research misconduct.
  • Results of inquiry including explanations of both complainants and respondents.
  • The written statements of respondents and complainants.
  • Final comments of editor inquiring the research misconduct.                                                                    9. A punitive or a strong disciplinary action shall be taken against the offender after the offense is proved through evidences, the action may include:
  • Withdrawal of manuscript of published material of offender with a retraction note on website of journal.
  • Permanently black listing the offender, the blacklisting can be publicized on different websites.
  1. Any further will be taken according to the COPE guidelines or by adopting HEC Plagiarism Policy. The final decision shall be forwarded to the managing editor for onwards submission to HEC that may take any further action in this regard.
  2. Right to Appeal  The respondent will have the right to appeal to the Chairman HEC or Vice Chancellor or Rector or Head of the Organization reviewing the research findings or submitting a mercy petition within 30 days from the date of final notification.
  3. Conflict of Interest  

The author must declare that there exists no conflict of interest for publication of an article in International Journal of Innovations in Science and Technology.


If any plagiarism is suspected in the manuscript:

If fabricated data is suspected:

If fabricated data is suspected in a published manuscript:

If an ethical problem in a manuscript is suspected:

If peer review manipulation is suspected:

Identification of authorship problems:

If corresponding author requests removal of author before publication:

If corresponding author requests removal of author after publication:

If the corresponding author requests the addition of extra author(s) after publication:

Identification of undisclosed conflict of interest in a published paper

Concerns of respondents after publication: