Estimation of relation between moisture content of soil and reflectivity index using GPS signals



Remote Sensing, Soil Moisture, Reflectivity index, GPS, Site Specific Irrigation


The irrigation system throughout the world is affected by the variations in water content due to different soil structure, textures and climate change. The irrigation system supplies sufficient water to the agricultural fields in order to fulfill the prerequisites. The measurement of soil moisture content (62%) is crucial for precision irrigation and sustainable agricultural system. Site specific agricultural system was utilized to overcome all issues related to soil water moisture contents in the paddock. Smart technology was utilized to record GPS signals utilizing the signals reflected on the Earth’s surface. The GPS was utilized to analyze dielectric soil properties and moisture content in proposed areas. The main objective of this study was to determine water content with stimulus soil type, ground cover and compaction on the irrigation system by utilizing the GPS-based techniques. The result indicated positive relation between soil moisture content and the signals reflected on the earth surface. All factors affecting the irrigation system were not related to the reflected signals and did not affect the soil moisture content. The reflectivity was not reduced by ground cover. Whereas, comparative relationship was found between soil moisture content and reflectivity index i.e. soil moisture contents were increased with reflectivity index up to 0.02 %. The results showed that GPS signals system have significant impact on estimation of soil moisture content in precise irrigation system.

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